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Searching & Moving Students between Classes


There are times when a teacher needs to move a student from one class section to another. The following steps will also be useful if you are trying to add students that have already signed up in Edulastic previously. 

Let's take an example where we want to move an enrolled student from the first class section into the second one:


(1) First, click on the Manage Class button on the left side toolbar. Navigate to the class section where the student should be moved TO. Click on the "Add Multiple Students" button:

(2) Next, click on "Search Existing Students" option 

(3) Next you'll be prompted to search for the student. You can search by student's name/email. Once you do that, you'll see the students matching the search term you have entered


(4) Select and click on all the students that you need to add to your class. Next click on the "Yes, Add to Class" button. 


(5) You will receive a message stating that existing students have been added to your class. 


(6) Now, we will remove the student from the original class section he/she was enrolled in. Navigate to that class section in Manage Class and check the box to the left of the student's name. Click on the "Action" button and select "Remove selected student(s). You'll then be prompted to type in the word Remove to confirm this action. Click on the "Yes, Remove" button to finalize this step. 


(4) The student remains in the enrollment list of the original class section but you will now see a new message in the Status field:


The good news is that when a student is moved from one class section to another, we continue to keep the student’s data from all past assessments in the old class section as well as in the student and teacher reports.

Please note that if you are using Clever, the moving of students needs to come from your district's SIS before the changes can be synced to Edulastic. Teachers themselves will not be able to perform this task

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