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How does the read aloud (text to speech) feature work?


Please note: Text to Speech aka TTS (read aloud) will not work with PDFs. Essentially, these are images and our system cannot read them. Additionally, TTS will not work with question and answer shuffle. Our system (IBM Watson) reads from the original. 

Text to speech or read aloud is a premium feature in Edulastic. Using text to speech, you can automatically add voice to your assessment content. If you are a premium subscriber to Edulastic, you can voice enable your assessments. Text to speech or read aloud feature is a three step process.

  1. Voice enable assessments: If you are a premium subscriber to Edulastic, voice is automatically added to Edulastic assessments when you assign work to your students.
  2. Enable text to speech for your students: You can selectively enable or disable read aloud for specific students. The "Play" button on the assessment will not appear for a student unless the "text to speech" is enabled.


     3. Play Audio: Student can click on the "Play" button to listen to the audio rendering of the assessment. 


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