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What's new in Edulastic -18 (E18) Release


1. Calendar View of Common Assessments for School Admins and District Admins: Administrators at both the school and district level can now view common assessments in a calendar view. (💲Premium Feature)



​The list view remains available for those who prefer it organized in the original format.

2. Printing of Reports in Premium Teacher and School Admin Accounts: Teachers and School Admins can now print the following reports(💲Premium Feature):

  • In “Single Assessment Report

    • Assessment Summary

    • Question Analysis

    • Response Frequency

  • In “Multiple Assessment Report” 

    • Performance Over Time

  • In “Student Profile Report

    • Student Profile

3. Mark Student Response as "Submitted": Teachers now have the option to “Mark as submitted” those students who have either submitted their assignment on paper OR forgotten to submit the assignment. Student assignments with status "Not started" or "In Progress" can be marked as "Submitted". This way teachers can grade the student responses quicker. 

4. Show Question Usage Summary in Admin Accounts: School and District admins will now be able to see (1) how many times and (2) where a particular question from the item bank has been used in a district created assessment. (💲Premium Feature)

5. Anonymize student names: Teachers who wish to present assessment data without revealing student identities can now click on the "Present" button in either the Live Class board or Express Grader view. This will anonymize the student's name.

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