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Adjust Chrome's zoom settings to allow optimal readability of all pages in Edulastic


At times, you may encounter an issue where math expressions are not rendering correctly or some pages appear to have text cut off with no way of scrolling to see the hidden content. In order to allow optimal readability of all pages in Edulastic, you will need to adjust Chrome's default zoom settings.


In Google Chrome, you may already know how to adjust page zoom. You can press Ctrl - to zoom out or Ctrl + to zoom in. Likewise, you can click the Menu icon and you'll find zoom controls right at your disposal. 



Please set the Zoom to 100% for optimal readability.

However, keep in mind that when you use the above tools, you're changing the zoom settings only for the page you're currently viewing. Chrome will remember those settings from one session to the next, but it won't apply them globally.

For that -- in other words, to change the default zoom -- you need to venture into settings. You can do that by clicking the aforementioned menu icon in the upper right corner of Chrome, and then Settings.
In the new tab that opens, scroll to the Appearance section where you'll find the global page-zoom setting. Click it to select 100% as the default. (Changes are reflected instantly, so you can immediately click over to other open tabs to see the results -- and make further modifications if necessary.)


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