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What's New in Edulastic- 20 (E20) Release


1. Revamped Reports for District Admins

We have made the district admin reports even better by building them natively within our own platform. This now brings them in line to what teachers and school admins have been seeing for a while. The result is quicker loading data in the following 4 buckets:
  • Single Assessment Report
  • Multiple Assessment Report
  • Student Profile Report
  • Standards Mastery

2. Teacher’s Assignment flow enhancement
We have now provided a more targeted view when teachers assign an assessment. You can now filter by grade, subject and class to bring up the relevant details. We show all students in each of the classes so that teachers can opt to either: (1) assign to individual students or (2) select all students and assign to everyone at once. No more toggling back and forth to discern which students were enrolled in what classes; it's now all presented in one view.

3. Calendar View For Teachers
Teachers now have the ability to see their assignments in a calendar view. (The list view still remains as an option)

4. Print off an Answer Key
Printing of an assignment from the “Assignments” page will now include the answer key at the bottom.
We hope you enjoy these new features. Please us know if you have any questions.
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