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How to add an Audio Clip to an Edulastic assessment

You can add audio clips to an Edulastic assessment via Dropbox.
Here are the steps:
Step 1: Upload the audio file to dropbox (you can create a free account). We recommend that your audio file be in mp3 or wav format.
Step 2: Click on the Share button in the upper right and then click "Create a Link"
Step 3: Once the link is created, please copy the link:
Step 4: Once you get the link, replace the "" part of that link with "". Keep the rest of the string the same. 
Step 5: In Edulastic, find the Insert Multimedia icon in the Text Editor box and enter the following code. (after replacing the underlined portion with the Dropbox link from Step 4)
<audio controls="">
  <span class="noprint">Your browser does not support the audio tag.</span>
It will look like this:
The audio can now be played in Edulastic.
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