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Security for Common Assessments: How & When to Release Scores and Feedback



District or school admins are the the owners of common assessments and set policies such as determining the testing window, who gets the assessment,  when to release feedback to students, etc.


For common assessments, if you want a high level of test security, we recommend the following settings under the Advanced Options tab:

Assessment Policies

Recommended Setting

What it does

Release scores to students


Students will not receive their scores immediately after they submit. Admins can release the scores to students anytime; ideally after the testing window has closed and there is minimal risk of assessment items leaking.

Show questions to students after submission


If your goal is to let students see their overall score but prevent access to questions or correct answers, set this option to No

If this option is set to No, students will not be able to see the questions once they have submitted.  

If you wish to show question level feedback to students, you can set this to “Yes” when you release the score.  


When the assessment administration is over, you can selectively choose to release the scores for one or more classes. To do so, select "Assessments" in the gray navigation bar on the left side of your screen. Choose the assessment that you want to release the scores.


Next, click the check box or boxes to the left of the classes you want to release the scores to. Now, simply click more options and release scores. 



I want to allow students to see their question level performance in a common assessment. How do I enable that?


If “Show questions to students after submission” is set to “No”, students can only see their overall score. If you wish students to see the questions and answers on the assessment, you can update the assessment and set the policy “Show questions to students after submission” to “Yes”. This can be done anytime in the assessment cycle.


💡 Edulastic recommends that you change this setting after the assessment is closed.


Note: You must select class or classes and “Release Score” before students can see the overall score and question level feedback.


I want students to see the assessment score and assessment questions for a limited time. How do I prevent access once the students have reviewed their work.


As an admin, you can withhold scores for one or more classes anytime. Simply select the classes and click on “Withhold Scores” button. This will completely mute assessment feedback to students i.e. students will not be able to see their score OR questions.


If you wish, you can also turn off just the question level scores anytime by flipping the “Show questions to students after submission” to “No”.


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