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How to Add a Co-Teacher to Your Class


Adding a Co-teacher is a feature that is available in Edulastic Enterprise edition. 


1. Teacher Adding a Co-Teacher to a Class 

Begin by choosing manage class in the gray navigation bar on the left. Then, choose the class you wish to add a co-teacher in.


Next, click the action button and select Add Co-Teacher. Input the teachers email to add them to the class.  Note, the co-teacher must also have an enterprise or premium teacher account in Edulastic in order to be added.






2. Admin Adding a Co-Teacher to a Class 

Find the class code of the class you wish to add the co-teacher (destination class).

To do this, navigate to Class Enrollment tab and search for the class code using the search filter. You can use either the teacher name or class section name to look for the class.


Next, while on the Class Enrollment tab, search for the teacher you wish to make a co-teacher.

Click the checkbox next to the teacher's account and choose Actions at the top right.   Select the “Move User” action. 



Finally, enter the class code to the destination class and fill out the information if needed. Select Move.



When you add a co-teacher to a class, they can do all of the following: 

  • Co-Teacher can share the class with another teacher.
  • They can enroll students/sync, edit and add/remove students from class.
  • Archive the class.
  • Assign assignments to students.
  • Grade the assignment, release scores, print assignment, generate report cards, access students reports, etc

** Both primary and secondary teacher should have a premium account.  

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