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How to Add a Co-Teacher to Your Class


The Co-teacher feature is available in Edulastic Enterprise edition. You will need either a district administrator or school administrator account.


Create a teacher account

Before you can add a co-teacher to a class, you need to first ensure that a teacher account exists in Edulastic for the person. If the “Co-Teacher” already has a “Teacher” account in Edulastic, this step is not required. 

Enter the basic details of the teacher and be sure to select the school from the dropdown.



Find the class code of the class you wish to add the co-teacher

Navigate to class section tab and search for the class code using the search filter. You can use either the teacher name or class section name to look for the class.

Add co-teacher using enrollment tab

Next navigate to the “Enrollments” tab and select “Add New User” action. Enter the class details and user details. Password field is not required as teacher account already exists.

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