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How a Student Finds and Takes an Assessment in Edulastic


When students log in to their account, they will first see a list of active assignments that need to be completed under the Active Assessments heading.


If they wish to view all assignments that have been given, they can click on the View all Assessments button. This will bring up a list of all assignments that have assigned to them, whether submitted or not. This is also where they can search for assessment from each class.


To begin the assignment, the student selects the Start Assignment button.  

Student answers the questions. If there are any questions that the student wants to go back to at the end, the student should select the “Flag” box on the top of the screen for that question.  Select Next to proceed to next question.

At the end of the assessment, if the student wants to revisit one or more questions, select the Review icon indicated by several horizontal lines, on the top of the screen.

The list of questions the student flagged will appear. From this list, the student can “jump” to any question in the assessment.

Once the student has finished, the student selects the Submit button to officially “turn in” the assignment. The student will no longer have access to the assessment questions once Submit is chosen.

Upon submission, the student will see a confirmation page.  If the teacher or admin chose to not show scores or answers upon completion at the time of assigning the assessment, the confirmation page will show each of the questions as indicated below, with a shade of light grey indicating that the assessment has not been graded.

If the teacher or admin chose to allow students to see the score after submission, the confirmation page would look like this with color coding indicating correct, incorrect, partially correct or skipped answers.

Once the student receives the confirmation screen, the student can go back to the dashboard by selecting the dashboard icon on the left side of the screen.    

The student can start other assessments, or logout.

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