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Identifying Slow Performance Issues


Tech Compatibility Check

If you are experiencing slow performance while using Edulastic, there are a couple of IT factors that may be causing this.  Please consult with your tech lead to perform a tech compatibility check to verify that the issues below have been considered.


District Firewall

Please add Edulastic and other required URLs in the safe list in your firewall software (iBoss, McAfee, etc.)








Please NOTE: you must have the wild card when you add to the safelist e.g. Edulastic needs,, etc. to work properly.

HTTPS Scanning

Do you do any additional https scanning in the firewall software? If yes, can you unblock the above URLs from additional https scans?

Anti-virus / Device Level Security

If you have any device level security or anti-virus software (e.g. GoGuardian, McAfee, etc.), please add the above URLs in the safe list.

Browser Extensions

Some browser extensions are known to interfere with Edulastic app. We recommend removing unnecessary browser extensions from the browser. 


Some schools and districts have an Education specific consortium providing internet access. In such cases the ISP may have additional checks. Please ask them to unblock the above sites as well.

Compatibility and Speed Test

Lastly please run the compatibility check and speed test and let us know the results.

Contact Support

If you are still having issues, please contact our support team via email:

Here are the questions we will ask:

  1. Have you added Edulastic and all required URLs in the safe list? Please NOTE: you must have a wild card when you add to the safelist as Edulastic needs,, etc. added to the safe list.
  2. What is the firewall software do you use?
  3. Who is the internet service provider? Do they have any extra security policies for school accounts?
  4. Do you have any extra security policies for student accounts?
  5. Do you do any additional https scanning? If yes, can you unblock * from additional https scans?
  6. Do you use any anti-virus software on the devices? If yes, can you add * in the safe list?
  7. What is the make, model of the device?
  8. What is the name and version of the browser used to launch Edulastic?
  9. Do you use edulastic in Kiosk mode? Is the slowness encountered only when testing on the Kiosk mode?
  10. Do you encounter slowness in incognito mode?
  11. Are you experiencing slowness across the district or certain specific sites?
  12. Can you run speed test and send us the results? The speed test MUST be run ON the student device WHEN the slowness is encountered


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