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What are Edulastic Data Needs for Rostering?


Please contact a Customer Success Manager for assistance with rostering. We use a specific form and there are some specific instructions that must be discussed.


Edulastic needs correct enrollment data for reporting and administration. Enrollment data consists of the following information:

  1. School: The schools that belong within a district. In Edulastic, every student, teacher, and class section must be associated with a school. 
  2. Class Section:Sections (analogous to classes or sometimes class periods) tie teachers and students together. It denotes a group of students pursuing a course of study together. 
  3. Student: Students enrolled in one or more class sections
  4. Teacher: Typically instructional staff associated with class sections
  5. Enrollment: Denotes membership of students and teachers for a class section

In order to maximize the value of Edulastic, we also recommend aligning the class sections to courses and standards. 

Course: Each class section is associated with a course. A course indicate a curriculum of studies required to meet the standards with a time period (year, semester or a term). Each course is associated with 

  • Grade(s): Course may be applicable for one or more grade levels e.g. a course Algebra 1 maybe associated with Grade levels 9 through 12.
  • Subject: Course is always associated with one subject area e.g. Mathematics, Science, etc.
  • Standards: Standards are recommended by states to gauge student progress and proficiency and to provide classroom teachers with benchmarks to help focus instruction. Standards are often subject specific e.g. Common Core Standards for Math OR Georgia Standards of Excellence in Science. etc. 


Edulastic Data Hierarchy is shown below:




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