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What are the different rostering options in Edulastic?


Rostering in Edulastic can be done in one of two ways:

Teacher Managed: Edulastic makes it easy for teachers to manage their own class rosters.  Edulastic makes it easy for teachers to perform the following functions to ensure that the data is accurate.

  1. Manage class and student enrollment: Teachers can create their own classes and copy/paste students enrolled in the class. If student IDs are associated with Google or Office 365, Edulastic automatically enabled Google or Office 365 Single Sign-On (SSO). Teachers can also provide a class code and invite students to join the class
  2. Sync with Google Classroom: Edulastic can also sync with Google classroom to. See: How to Sync your Edulastic Class with Google Classroom


School or District Managed: School or District administrators work with Edulastic customer success  team to ensure that rosters for the entire school or district are uploaded to Edulastic. 

  1. Roster Upload: Edulastic can do a one-time annual roster upload for you using CSV files. However any subsequent roster changes must be managed by teachers or school/district administrators. Edulastic provides capabilities for teachers or admins to add, remove or move students within classes. The roster upload involves providing school, student, teacher, class section and enrollment information in a CSV file. Please work with the Edulastic customer success team if you need support for roster upload.
  2. Roster sync (Clever): Clever can be used to sync SIS data with Edulastic. To integrate with Edulastic, use the following link and request integration. Please note that you need to be signed in with Clever as a district administrator to initiate the sync:



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