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What transactions are disallowed when class rosters are synced with SIS using Clever?


When Edulastic is integrated with District SIS using Clever, certain transactions are not allowed. 

  1. Creating new student accounts
  2. Enrolling a student in a Clever synced class  
  3. Removing a student from a Clever synced class

These restrictions are put in place because Edulastic expects the above information to come from the District SIS. The restrictions are put in place so that the integrity with the district SIS data is maintained. 

However teachers can create brand new classes on their own in their Edulastic account. These classes may not exist in the district SIS. Some examples when such classes may be needed are: 

  1. An intervention class for students that need extra help
  2. Class for after school academic activities such as Math Olympiad
  3. Summer school programs run by the district

When such classes are needed, teachers can use the manage class feature to create a new class and enroll students. However teachers cannot create brand new student accounts. Student accounts must already exist in the district and shared with Edulastic as a part of Clever data. 

You can either copy/paste student emails (if using Google or Office 365 IDs for students) or search and add existing students to your class. 

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