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How does Edulastic integrate with Canvas?



Edulastic has an end-to-end integration with Canvas.

  1. Single sign-on from inside Canvas for teachers. 
  2. Sync enrollment data from Canvas class sections with Edulastic
  3. Create assignments in Edulastic and share with Canvas
  4. Single sign-on from Canvas to Edulastic for students
  5. Grade sync from Edulastic to Canvas

Teacher single sign-on: This feature allows an Edulastic link to be placed inside Canvas. Click on this link will navigate to teacher's Edulastic account. 

Sync of Canvas class-sections with Edulastic: When teacher uses the Edulastic link for the first time, a brand new teacher account in Edulastic will get created. All Canvas class sections of the teacher would be displayed here for creation in Edulastic and sync with Canvas.

The student accounts are already created in Edulastic using Canvas enrollment information. 

Assignment sync from Edulastic to Canvas:  Assignment is automatically created in Canvas and appears in Canvas for the students to complete.

Student single sign-onWhen link in Canvas is clicked, Edulastic assessment  automatically opens in a new browser tab.


Grade sync: Grades are automatically exported to Canvas once assignment is marked as “Done” in Edulastic

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