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How does the Clever Integration work?


Clever can be used to sync SIS data with Edulastic using either Pull (AutoSync) or Push (SFTP Sync) mode. 

The following chart shows the integration process:

To integrate with Edulastic, use the following link and request integration. Please note that you need to be signed in with Clever as a district administrator to initiate the sync:

Once you initiate integration with Edulastic, we will send a welcome packet with additional details on Clever integration including our data needs and expected time to complete the sync.

The next step is to share the data with Edulastic. This allows Edulastic to create new accounts or update existing accounts for your users. From your Clever dashboard, select the data you would like to share with Edulastic (school, grade, subject, etc.).

Edulastic completes the sync and creates a district page for student and teachers to use. The app is now ready to use by district teachers and students.

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