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How do I transfer scores from Edulastic to my district or school grade book?


Edulastic GradeBridge 

Once you administer assessments in Edulastic, you can transfer scores from Edulastic to any grade book that has a tabular structure using GradeBridge. GradeBridge is a premium feature in Edulastic that is available in Teacher Premium and Enterprise plans.

Please note that GradeBridge is supported only on Chrome browser on either Windows or Mac. You will also be required to install a Windows or Mac executable on your machine. Please ensure that you either use Chrome browser or install Chrome prior to using GradeBridge.

To use GradeBridge, you need to perform the following actions: 

1. Complete Installation of Plug in and Executable 

1.1 To install the add-on, with chrome Chrome.png open click on this Link

1.2. Click ADD TO CHROME.




1.3. Click ADD extension.



1.4. On adding the extension successfully you get the message “Edulastic GradeBridge has been added to Chrome."




1.5. Once the extension is successfully added, the next step is to configure the extension. The configuration steps are detailed below for Windows and Mac users.


Configuration on Windows:

> Download and install the plugin from the link below:



> Browse the drive location to save the file.


**Make sure you do NOT change the default installation location. 


> Click FINISH to complete the installation.




Configuration on Mac:

> Download and install the plugin from the link below:

> Place the file in a folder and extract by double clicking on it.

**Make sure you do NOT change the default installation location.

> Open the terminal, as shown below:


> Navigate to the path/location where you placed the downloaded file hit “Return” button.

Say for examplecd /Downloads/GradeBridge Folder/mac_installer       

Enter ./ hit “Return” button

> Notice the success message “Edulastic host GradeBridge has been installed” in the terminal.


2. Configure Transfer Settings in Edulastic  

Once the installation is done you need to setup transfer settings in Edulastic:


2.1. “Transfer Settings”can be enabled from Live Class Board under More.




2.2. Click on Transfer Settings to configure how scores will be copied to your LMS or SIS Gradebook.




Student Sorting: The student’s names can be sorted in ascending or descending order. This setup should correspond to how student names appear in your Gradebook. If student names appear as "Last Name, First Name" in your LMS or SIS Gradebook, ensure that GradeBridge transfer settings reflect that.

Hot Key: This will be used to paste the scores to your gradebook. 

For example: If you select Hot Key as F8, you will have to navigate to your Gradebook and press F8 to have the grades transferred to your Gradebook. 

** Preferred Hot Key: F7/F8/F9 

***Hot Key for MAC cannot be configured. Mac Users to press [Ctrl] three times, to paste the scores. 

Return Key: Type of navigation to enter next score. You need to specify the return key as used in your Gradebook, where scores will be copied. 

For example: “enter” key is used in  Excel, if scores are to be copied in a column 

Missing/Absent Student: You can either skip the student score or show zero.


2.3. Next, in Edulastic Gradebook use F10 or Fn+F10, to copy the scores from Edulastic.


2.4. Go to your desired Gradebook say Canvas/Jupiter/Excel-sheet, place the cursor from where you want the scores to be copied and press the Hot Key you selected in Transfer Settings. 

Example: F8 or Fn+F8, to see the grades transferred.


3. What should I do if I receive "Please configure Gradebook transfer settings" error message?



This error message indicates that the plug-in is installed correctly. However the transfer settings is NOT configured correctly in the Edulastic live class board.

Please follow the steps as outlined in section  "2. Configure Transfer Settings in Edulastic " of this document.


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