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What's New in Edulastic- 25 (E25) Release


1. Download student response ($ Premium Feature)

When using grading software or a student information system, you can download a .csv file in Edulastic containing student scores to upload into your grading program. With this change, teachers and admins can now download the actual student responses (e.g. A, B, etc.) for the following question types: multiple choice, multiple selection, T/F, Text entry and Text dropdown. It is also possible to download student scores for specific rubric criteria. Tech enhanced questions will show up as TEI and for Essay / Drawing response questions will show as Constructed Response.


2. Student Profile Report enhancement for teacher ($ Premium Feature)

This change will allow teachers to search for prior assessment history for students. if a student moves from one class to another, the assessment data from the original class is visible to the new teacher in the student profile report. We have added a School Year dropdown in the filters.



3. Shuffle Answer Choices ($ Premium Feature)

This change allows teachers and admins to shuffle answer choices in both multiple choice and multiple selection questions. Please note that Text to Speech does not work when answer choices are shuffled. 


4. Rubric visibility for students ($ Premium Feature)

Teachers or admins can opt to make the rubric available to students when they are taking an assessment. Rubric visibility can be controlled when assigning to students through the “Show Rubric to Students” option.



When you set this option to “yes”, students will be able to view the grading rubric while attempting any question which has a grading rubric associated to it. Students will see the rubric icon in the upper right corner of the question:




5. Mark Students as Absent ($ Premium Feature)

Teachers can mark a student as absent from the class live board. This feature is designed to keep accurate status and assessment progress for any assignment. It can also help in enhancing assessment security and fairness as a student marked as absent cannot attempt the assessment from home or outside the classroom. Students who are marked as absent can retake the assessment at the teacher’s discretion by using the redirect feature.







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