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Add and Remove Students on an Assessment



Many classes have transient populations where teachers need to frequently add or remove students mid year.  

This process can be used for the following situations:

  • New student enters class after an assessment has been assigned.
  • Student leaves class after an assessment has been assigned.


Procedure to add a new student to an existing assignment:

Go to Manage Class tab

Select class in which to add student

Select "Plus Sign" icon to add new student


This will automatically add a new student to any open assignments.



Procedure to remove a student from existing assignment:

Go to Assessments tab

Click on the assignment for which you wish to remove a student

Select the student to be removed with a check mark in the top right corner of the student card.

Next, teacher selects "More" and selects "Removes Students."


Note: This procedure can be used to remove a student from an assessment if student is absent and teacher wishes to restrict access for student while not in class.  When student returns, teacher can Add Student using the same process as deleting a student from an assignment.


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    Carolina C Cabezas

    On my class there is NO plus sign to add students at all

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