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What's New in Edulastic- 25.5 (E25.5) Release


Welcome to the latest changes added to the platform on December 6, 2017.

1. New question bank feature

This feature allows teachers to directly access the item banks to search and filter for questions. They can also start building assessments by selecting questions from the bank.




2. Usability enhancements in Assessment Library

This release has major UI improvements in the assessment library:

  1. Recent activities: Any recently edited assessment can be quickly accessed using the quick link shown below. Click on any of the 5 recently edited assessments to begin where you left off.
  2. Filters: This release makes it easier to view, add or remove specific keywords to filter the results.
  3. Save filter: Easy to save and use filters for later use.




3. Bulk add standards in SnapQuiz

It's now easier to align questions with standards when creating a pdf based assessment using our SnapQuiz feature. It is now possible to select one or more questions and align them with standards. So, instead of having to go one by one, you can now attach standards in one fell swoop.pasted8.png



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