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Roles in Edulastic: Admin, Instructor, Student


Role-based Security

Edulastic supports native authentication of users with a role-based access control architecture. This ensures only valid and authenticated users with the correct level of access credentials and organization affiliation get access to resources, described in the table below:




District Admins

Admin role for district-wide configuration and reporting

  • District-wide configuration of Edulastic

  • Manage schools and class sections

  • Student enrollment and SIS integration

  • Teacher assignment to class

  • District wide reporting of student performance

  • Longitudinal performance reporting for student, class and schools

  • Peer performance reporting

School Admins

Manage common formative assessments

  • Create and share assessments with other teachers in the district

  • Manage pacing plan and assessment calendar

  • Set assessment goals


Teach and administer assessments in a class

  • Create assessments

  • Reuse/customize shared assessments

  • Assign tasks to class or to individual students

  • View class reports

  • Grade assessments

  • Provide feedback


Complete and submit assessments

  • Submit assignments

  • Review performance

  • Read teacher feedback

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