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What's New in Edulastic- 26 (E26) Release



Following are the major features that are part of today's (Jan 8, 2018) E26 release:

1. Easy access to reports: Single assessment reports can be accessed from a new "Report" tab ($ Premium Feature)

We have now added a Reports tab to the Live Class Board so that teachers can access the Single Assessment Reports more conveniently.



You now have easy access to all 6 reports found under the Single Assessment Report.


2. Student Report Cards: Provides a printed one page assessment summary for students to take home. Configure what you want to include in the printed report card ($ Premium Feature )


Also included in the new Reports tab under the Live Class Board is a place for teachers to print out student reports cards for kids to bring home to parents.


2018-01-08_1346.pngOnce you select which data fields you would like to include (choice of 6), clicking on the Generate Report Cards button will produce the desired reports for all students in the class.



You can then print these out using the Print option under your browser tab.


3. Students are prompted to enter a password in order to start an assignment (Premium Feature)

Teachers can require students type in a password when opening an assignment. Entering a password ensures that students can access this assignment only in the classroom.

During the process to assign an assessment, there is a Require Password setting under the Advanced Options.




Please note the following:

  • The default setting is NO. Students will not be required to enter a password if you do not enable this to Yes.
  • Password is case sensitive and must be at least 6 characters in length
  • Student will be shown a a pop_up to enter the password once they click Start Assignment
  • Teachers can update the password at anytime up until the assignment goes into Done status




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