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What additional features are included in Edulastic premium?


There are currently eleven premium features available in Edulastic:

  1. In-depth reports
  2. Snapscore: scan bubble sheets using an iOS or Android app
  3. Shuffle question order
  4. Show students their scores but hide questions & answers
  5. Read-aloud
  6. Calculator - basic, scientific or Graphic (Desmos)
  7. Discuss assessment data with class - Anonymize student names
  8. Add a co-instructor
  9. Rubric-based scoring
  10. Assessment draft collaboration
  11. Transfer grades to external gradebook with browser plugin



Shuffle Question Order​-Y​ou can randomize the order in which questions from a test are displayed for each student.

Option to show scores but hide answers from students​ - ​When you set “Show Detailed Report to Students” to “no”, students will no longer have access to questions, answers, and question-level feedback.

Read-aloud (text-to-speech)​ - Our read-aloud feature can be set for an entire class or for individual students. Once activated, students ​will notice green play and stop buttons above each question. Students can click on play to hear a voice reading the text.

Assessment Draft Collaboration​ - ​This feature allows you to share an assessment draft with others in the district for joint editing purposes. Once you save a draft, you will notice a new option "Add a Co-Author” appears. Once you click on “Add a Co-Author”, you can enter the email of the individual who will have access to the draft. The co-author must also have a premium account.

Calculator​ - ​Teachers or administrators can make a calculator available for students. You can select a basic or scientific calculator.

In-depth Teacher Reports ​- We offer five premium reports:

(1) Express Grader

(2) Single Assessment

(3) Multiple Assessment

(4) Student Profile

(5) Standards Mastery reports


Add a co-instructor ​- Teachers can add a co-teacher for each of their class. Click manage class, then click on the action drop down menu, and select Add a Co-Teacher. 

Hotkey transfer of grades to any external Gradebook with Browser Plugin ​- Using a Chrome plugin, premium subscribers are able to transfer grades from the Edulastic express grader into a gradebook outside of Edulastic.

SnapScore​ - teachers can print bubble sheets and scan m/c tests using an app on their iPhone or Android device.

Rubric-based scoring​ - You can create rubrics and share rubrics across your district. ​When grading with a rubric, you can select scores from a dropdown. The score will be adjusted automatically. 
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    SnapScore graded some of the classes, but is now giving me a message that says"Data not found" How do I trouble shoot this issue? Thanks

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