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How can I allow the students to see their scores and my feedback?


Release of assessment feedback to students is critical. Ideally, you should release feedback to the student as soon as it's possible to do so. This is an assessment best practice and students are most likely to benefit from the feedback while the material is fresh in their minds. The following will walk you through how to release assessment score and feedback to students. 

Edulastic allows you to release scores, answers, and feedback at any time using the "Release Scores" control and the "Update" feature.

(1) You can decide when you want to release scores, feedback, and answers as you assign an assessment. Set the release to "On", and students will get immediate feedback once they submit. If the assessment has manual scored items, the score will reflect only those questions that are auto-scored. Set to "Off'" so that you can control the release.



If you set to "Off", you can can release scores and feedback here:


You can also release scores, answers, and feedback by "updating" the assessment.


This is where to fill in the feedback 



This is what students see:

Nothing has been released


Only the scores and feedback has been released


Here the scores and answers have been released. Students can click on the "Continue" button OR click on any question bars to view their response, question score and teacher feedback (if any).


This is what a student see when they click a question.

The second image shows when they have clicked to see the correct response.




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