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What's New in Edulastic- 23 (E23) Release


Assignment UI Changes



1. Select when you want the assignment to be available for students to take by inputting the testing window (start date and due date)

2. Select which class(es) you want to assign to by filtering for either Grade-Subject, Course or Tags under the drop down menu.




3. The applicable classes will then appear and you can either assign to all students in the class or individual ones. 



4. You can configure additional options like marking assessments as done, releasing of scores, show detailed report, shuffle questions and show calculator under the Advanced Options section.


5. Finally, if desired, you can choose the criteria to determine mastery and proficiency for this assignment.



Mark an assignment as "Done”  (Premium Feature)

There is a premium feature that allows teachers to mark assessments as done so that the data will populate into the reports.

  • Assessments automatically get marked "as Done" under one of these conditions: when teachers manually close the assignment or when the due date has expired.
  • If “Mark as Done” is set to Manually when assigning an assessment, teachers will need to manually mark the assignment as Done even if the due date has passed or assignment is closed. Please note that this feature can be updated in the Assignment Details page.



Snapquiz allows you to turn a PDF into an Edulastic assessment! This option is available on the Create Assignment page and occupies its own icon on the right.



1. Teachers will need to upload the pdf from their computer or google drive.



2. Once the pdf is uploaded, teachers can start associating the correct question type widget to each of the questions. They will need to key in the correct answer choice.



3. Once every question has been completed, you can now proceed to the Review page to add standards and if desired, change point values and add difficulty/DOK levels.



4. Click on the Publish or Assign and follow the same assignment steps as you would with any other Edulastic assessment.




Teachers can print bubble sheets for students to take assessments on and then scan the multiple choice/multiple selection answers using an app on their iPhone or Android device. Please follow these steps:

1. Teachers find the SnapScore application in the Apple App Store or Google play online stores:


2. Teachers connect with Snapscore by generating an access code and adding the code into their phone. This can be located under My Profile in the lower left corner.


3. Teachers generate a bubble sheet of the assessment:


4. Teachers will then scan the QR code of each individual student's bubble sheet


5. Once scanned, the scores will then populate in the Live Class Board:




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