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Step 2: How do I link my Edulastic account to SnapScore?


Please note: you must have active classes for this to work.

Once SnapScore is downloaded, teachers connect with Snapscore by generating an access code and adding the code into their phone.

(1) Sign into your Edulastic account and click on your name in the lower left corner. Choose My Profile


(2) Click on the Generate Passcode button under the Connect with SnapScore heading.

An unique numeric identifier will then be displayed. 

(3) Take the passcode that is displayed to you and enter it in the Passcode field on your phone's SnapScore app WITHIN 60 seconds.


(4) Click on the Connect with Edulastic button.


The next step is to download bubble sheets for an assessment (Step 3). 





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    Stephen Flynn

    My teacher premium account doesn't have any Snapscore buttons in the interface.

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