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Live Class Board: View Real-Time Student Responses




Using real-time analytics, such as you'll find on the Live Class Board (LCB), you can evaluate student performance not only after the fact, but while your students are taking the assessment.    

Real-Time Progress of Students During Assessment | Live Class Board

Teachers can watch in real-time as students are working on the assessment.  From the Assignments screen, select Responses and view the class’ progress.  The bar graph indicates how the class is performing per questiongreen means the number correct, red incorrect, yellow partially correct, grey skipped, and blue indicates questions that need to be manually graded. The blue line running through the bar graph shows the average time spent on each question by the class.

Below the bar graph, each student has a “card” indicating the student’s score and answers on each question. By clicking on the student’s card, the teacher can dive into that one student’s assessment.

To dive deeper into one question, click on the question on the bar graph.  The teacher can scroll through all of the students’ responses to a particular question.


Next, by selecting the Express Grader tab, the teacher can see a table view of each student’s responses by question.


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