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What is Edulastic?


Edulastic is a technology-enhanced assessment solution for teachers and school/district administrators. It is easy enough for classroom formative assessments, yet sophisticated enough for common interim and benchmark assessments that mirror state tests.

Edulastic empowers teachers with instant classroom data that shows who’s on track and who needs help so that they can take action and see growth.

In this example, you can see how students are doing on an assessment in real time.


In this example (Premium/Enterprise), you can see how students did with respect to a particular standard on a particular assessment.



Edulastic has one of the largest banks of technology-enhanced items (TEIs). Edulastic allows teachers to create their own TEIs, mix and match and/or collaborate with colleagues in the school or district. There are over 50 item types allowing you to assess your student's knowledge in a variety of ways.. all questions, including sophisticated equation response, graphing, etc. are auto-graded resulting in instant data with minimal teacher effort in manual grading.


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