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What are the different subscription plans offered by Edulastic?



The basic version of Edulastic is FREE for teachers and students. 

Free Teacher

The free teacher version has the following features:

  1. Unlimited Assessments
  2. Create as many classes & students as you need
  3. 30+ Technology-Enhanced Question Types
  4. Immediate Performance Data
  5. Standards Mastery Tracking
  6. Assessment Sharing
  7. Google single sign-on and sync with Google Classroom.



The Premium version of Edulastic, with more advanced features and services, is available in the following subscription plans:

Premium Teacher

All Free Teacher Features, PLUS:

  1. In-depth Reporting: Show student growth over time. Analyze answer distractors. See complete student mastery profile.
  2. Advanced assessment options: Shuffle question order for each student. Show student scores but hide correct answers, add calculators, password protect assessments.
  3. Read Aloud: Choose students to have questions and answer choices read to them.
  4. Rubric scoring: Create and share rubrics school or district wide.
  5. Collaboration: Work on assessment as a team before they're published.
  6. Presentation mode: Review answers and common mistakes with the class without showing names.
  7. Express Grader:  Allows teachers to add scores, answers and comments in a simplified table form.
  8. Report Card: Printer friendly summary of each student's performance on an assessment to be shared with parents.
  9. Mark students as absent, add or remove students, download scores and responses.


You can upgrade to Premium Teacher version using your credit card (sign in required). Edulastic also accepts school or district purchase orders. 




The Enterprise plan is ideal for a school or a district with administrative users. 

Premium Teacher for All Teachers, PLUS:

  1. Common Assessments: Administer common assessments and control access by teachers and students.
  2. Immediate School or District-Wide Reports: See performance, growth and standards mastery by building, grade, teacher and student
  3. SIS & LMS Integration: Automatic roster sync and gradebook integration (where available)
  4. Self-Service tools such as: adding, editing or merging classes and courses; add or invite multiple students and teachers.
  5. Customized Performance Bands and Mastery Proficiency Bands.
  6. Create Collaboration Groups for cross functional teams that include any member of the district.
  7. Additional Item Banks: Choose from third-party item banks, such as Inspect™, Carnegie Learning or Progress Testing
  8. Expedited Technical Support: On-call support during assessments by phone or online.
  9. Custom Professional Development: Live or online workshops to get you and your teachers up and running.


Request a quote for Edulastic Enterprise Plan.



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