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How do I modify a question's point value?


A question's point value can easily be modified in the Edulastic app. You can change the point value while authoring a new question, editing a previously created question, or customizing a publicly shared question.

For new questions, please skip to step two (you can access the point value option by clicking the pencil icon near the bottom right of any question type).

*Below is an example of modifying the point value for questions previously created: 

1. Select the question that you want to modify the point value. Click the Blue Arrow Button and then "Edit" on the next screen.

2. Click on the pencil symbol next to the point value of the question.


3. Enter your new point value for the question in the box—and click anywhere outside the box to save the change.



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    How can I make a question worth zero points? I want to ask a metacognition question but I do not want it to affect the score.

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