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How do I make CHANGES to an existing assessment?


The Edulastic app allows you to duplicate a pre-existing question from an assessment and make your own modifications to that question. You can do this process for your own private content and content shared across the community. 

1. After clicking Library in the gray navigation menu to the left, and choosing the appropriate filters, find the assessment you want to change--and select it to see the list of questions. Choose your first question to duplicate and click the + symbol inside the double box.


3. You will see a message that says the question has been duplicated. 

Click "Review" in order to go back to the list of questions in the assessment and see the duplicated question.

4. In the list of questions, you will see that the question has been duplicated. If you want to make modifications to the duplicate, click on the question to view it. You can get rid of the original question by checking the box and selecting Remove selected.


5. On the question screen, click "Edit" to make to make your own modification to the question.

6. Make modifications to the question and answers as you want and click "Save" to finish.

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    Justin J Stanford

    How do you delete a question?

  • Avatar
    John Chen

    Hi Justin,

    Thank you for your question. You can remove an assessment question from ANY assignment simply by deselecting it from the list (unchecking the green checkmark box). If you duplicate a question from a shared assignment you will get the option to delete (please see the fifth screenshot above).

  • Avatar
    Andrea Mejia

    How do you delete a question from a test that has already been submitted by a student? 

  • Avatar
    Cassie Hammond

    Can you edit an answer while students are taking the assessment?

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