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Using Edulastic's Demo Class


Creating a mock teacher account, with mock students, is a good idea if you're just feeling out Edulastic. You want to see firsthand how the digital assessment app works. When you first create a teacher account you'll notice Edulastic gives you a Demo Class for this very purpose. 

Here's a quick list of tips that will help you do this without hiccups down the road:

  1. Our best advice is to never create a mock student account with your instructor (school) e-mail address. If you do this, you won't be able to go back and create a teacher account without our help.
  2. If you create a mock class NEVER turn that mock class into your real class.
  3. You don't need e-mail information to have students join your class (mock or real). 
  4. You also DON'T want to ask you colleagues to join your mock class as students with their school e-mails. Simply give them your Class Code and URL--and then ask them to create student accounts WITHOUT using an e-mail (create a unique username instead).
  5. Once you're comfortable with the app, you can create your real class under Manage Class and then invite all your students to join.
  6. Lastly, it's best to have all your students signed up and on your class roster before you assign your first assessment. 


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