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How do I invite students to join my class periods?


If you are on Edulastic Enterprise plan, its possible to sync student roster in Edulastic directly with your student SIS. If you do not have SIS student roster sync in Edulastic, you have four options for adding students to you class roster.

Option #1: Share the Class Code with students and ask them to sign up using the Class Code: 

You can find the class code using the Manage Class menu. The class code is visible as shown below:


Now simply ask the students to sign up for Edulastic as a student. You can ask them to enter in their browser and click on the sign up bottom.  When prompted, students must enter the class code as shown below

Option #2: Add a student one at a time. If you need to add only one student, its possible to use the "Add Student" under "More" options in the "Manage Class" page.


Option #3. Populate your entire roster at once by uploading a CSV file. You can download the roster template here or use the link under "Upload Roster".


* Watch a short video to learn more: "How to Manage Your Class Periods".

Option #4: Edulastic now offers integration with Google Classroom. This is the simplest way to maintain student roster in your class. See the related article below:


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