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How do I assign assessments to my class?


1. When you create an assessment, you can assign your new assessment right away or save it for later (finding it again under My Assessments).

2. You assign it to either the entire class (default option) or specific students by selecting the box next to their names.

3. Select options for when you want the assignment to be "Accessible" to students, and select the "Due Date". The due date/time is when the assignment closes on the student.

4. If you selected Yes for Show Grades, you have the option of when to release the grades. 

  • Selecting "On assignment submission" will allow students to view their scores and answers immediately after the completion of the assessment.
  • Selecting "Explicitly by teacher" will withhold the results until you choose to release them. 

5. If you'd like to set the Mastery criteria, please click on the  symbol to the right of Mastery to set your options.

6. Select the Sharing Level for this assignment.




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