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How do I assign assessments to my class?



1. When you create an assessment, you can assign your new assessment right away or save it for later (finding it again under My Assessments).

2. Select when you want the assignment to be available for students to take by inputting the start date and due date. 

Open Manually: Allows the teacher to assign the assessment now but give access to classes when they are ready.

Close Manually: Allows the teacher to keep the assessment open until all students finish the assessment. This does not affect reports or data.


3. Next you have two choices.

You can select which class(es) you want to assign to.


Or, you can select to assign the assessment to certain students.


4. You can then configure additional options like releasing of scores, shuffle questions, and show calculator under the Super Powers section.



5. Finally, if desired, you can choose the criteria to determine mastery and proficiency for this assessment.


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