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For expression evaluation questions, I want more options for my students in the Math editor. Can I customize the Math Editor for my students?


Yes you can!

1. When creating a math expression evaluation or numeric question, click on the “√x” button to enter your answer using the Math Editor.

*The Math Editor is also available in the Text Editor of ANY question type. Watch this short video covering Edulastic's Features.



2. Click on the “Math Toolbar” to access a dropdown featuring 'Basic', 'Intermediate', and 'Full'. Here is where you select the complexity of the math toolbar students can access when answering your assessment questions. 


  • Select 'Basic; to allow students to use the basic operations, parentheses, brackets, relational operators, and fractions:


  • Select 'Intermediate' to allow students to use (square) root, exponents, conditional operators, vertical bars, Π, and degrees in additional to the basic functions:


  • Select 'Full' to allow students to use imaginary number i, number e, Θ, and trigonometric functions in additional to the intermediate functions:


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