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I want more options for my students in the Math Editor. Can I customize the Math Editor for my students?


Yes you can!

1. When creating any other math question, click in the Expected Answer field to open a Math keypad which can be used to enter any Math expression.

This article explains how to create you own keypad. For standard keypads, keep reading.

*The Math Editor is also available in the Text Editor of ANY question type. Watch this short video covering Edulastic's Features.



2. Click on the dropdown in the Math Keypad to access 'Basic', 'Intermediate', 'Matrices', 'Trigonometry', 'Geometry', 'Units(SI)', 'Units(US)' and 'Full'. Here is where you select the complexity of the math keypad students can access when answering your assessment questions. 


  • Select 'Basic; to allow students to use the elementary arithmetic operations, exponents, square roots, fractions and mathematical constant 'π':


  • Select 'Intermediate' to allow students to use (square) root, exponents, conditional operators, absolute value operator, π, log, parentheses, braces, square brackets and degrees in additional to the basic functions:


  • Select 'Matrices' to allow students to use various matrices, fractions, logs, square roots and exponents.


  • Select 'Trigonometry' to allow students to use imaginary number i, euler's number e, degrees, π, fractions and trigonometric functions.


  • Select 'Geometry' to allow students to use perpendicular, angle, triangle, parallel, similar, congruent, degrees, arc, line segment, ray, theta Θ and other geometry symbols.


  • Select Units(SI) or Units(US) to allow students to use various units in the SI and US measurement system.



  • Select 'Full' to allow students to use all the symbols, operators, geometry symbols, matrices, trigonometric functions in addition to several other mathematical symbols like summation Σ, product ∏, greek symbols and calculus symbols:


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