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How do I reassign an assignment?




Teachers can reassign [called “redirect” henceforth] a previous assignment to the entire class—or only to specific students using the feature called Redirect.

Note: Teachers can use the redirect feature on only those select students who have turned-in assignments or have been marked absent. Teachers are able to redirect an assignment any number of times. Redirect remains available even after the due date has passed.

1. Select the "Assessments" tab from the Menu.

2. Find the assessment in your list and click it. Now click the class period.

3. Remember, the student has to have been marked absent or have already submitted their responses. Click the box next to their name and click Redirect.



3. To redirect the assignment to ALL students in your class, place a checkmark in the box entitled "Select All".

4. On the Assign page, you'll see the name of the student(s) you want to redirect the assessment to at the top. Fill out the rest of the assign form(with the new due date being the most important) and then click "Redirect" in the upper right to finish.



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