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How do I delete an assignment?


Teachers can now delete any assignment at any time.

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How to delete a published assessment

1. Navigate to the Assignments tab on the main menu. 

2. Click on the More Options button to the right of the name of the assignment. 


3. Click Delete and a confirmation pop-up message will appear. Type in "DELETE" to perform the action or click cancel to exit the deletion process.


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    Craig Waddell

    This doesn't really DELETE the assessment, it simply removes the assignment. I haven't found any way of actually deleting an assessment. In fact, I have the same assessment appearing multiple times under "My Assessments." I haven't found any way to delete an assessment. If I attempt to make changes to a non-draft assessment, it makes yet another assessment. There doesn't seem to be any way of "cleaning up" assessments.

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    Hi Craig,

    You're absolutely right. This article has been modified to reflect the assignment deletion option. In terms of deleting assessments, this feature is coming shortly in a new release. Thank you kindly for your comments--and patience with the app.

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    Justin J Stanford

    When will that be coming?

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    Hi Justin,

    That's a great question! We hope to take this feature live by the end of October. Thank you for your patience and for using Edulastic!

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    Hi Justin and Craig,

    The delete assessment feature is now live in the app (coming earlier than expected)! Please refer to this article for more details:

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