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How to edit assessment questions in assignments you have used


While you can easily edit assessments in draft mode under My Assessments—you might be wondering: What's the process for editing assessment questions once they're published?

*For information on editing assessment questions in assignments you have NOT used/assigned, please refer to:

Here's a quick guide to editing assessment question in assignments you have ALREADY used or assigned:

1. Navigate to My Assessments and locate the assessment of interest. Click on the assessment name to access the Assessment Details.

2. From Assessment Details select "Edit."

*Notice that this page gives you great details on your assignment such as: creation date; number of times the assignment has been used; and the Sharing Level.

3. After clicking "Edit" a pop-up lets you know that your assessment will temporarily be invisible to public, school, or district sharing levels until you've completed your edits—and you re-designated the sharing level. *See step 10.

Click "Yes" to continue.

4. Next, you'll notice a message (with a turquoise background) at the top of the page reading: "Information: Your changes will be available in assignments created henceforth."

This means that any of the changes you make to assessment questions here will NOT show if they're currently in an open assignment. For example, if you realize you made an error on an assessment question—after you have given students the assignment—the changes you make during this edit process will NOT be reflected in the open assignment students are taking.

This edit process, at this time, is explicitly for making changes, fixing errors, and making new versions to assign. Not for fixing errors in open assignments that students are currently working on. *If you made an error in an open assignment, consider giving students full or partial credit by manually changing their scores. 

5.  Click the blue arrow icon button to access the edit features for a given assessment question in the assignment.

6. Click duplicate to make another copy where you'll make the edits. *Please note that if the assignment has never been used, you don't need to undertake the duplication process.

7. You're now in edit mode where you can re-author the question. Make your changes and then click "Review."

8. Make sure to remove the old version of the assessment question from the assignment by unchecking the green checkmark box. *Note that the older version will always be at the top of the list!

9. Now your new version of the question is done and the older version is gone. Click "Next" to access both the assign and sharing options.

10. In #1, the system puts the date in the assignment title. This, like the description in #2, helps you keep track of your versions.

You have the option of assigning the assessment questions right away or saving this assignment for later (#3). If you decide to use it later, or you are simply making the edits so your colleagues can access them, make sure to set your Sharing Level appropriately (#4). 


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