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How to delete a published assessment


Please be careful. You might think that you want Delete an assessment from a class. You don't. You want to Unassign an assessment from a class. Delete means delete. 

Click here to Unassign an assessment from one or more classes.

Ok, so how do you DELETE an assessment?

1. Navigate to the Library tab. Click on the assessment that you want to delete.


2. Click delete.


3. Type "DELETE" and then click the "Yes, Delete" button.


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    I would like to be able to release grades to students so that they can see the question and their answer, but I only want them to be able to see these things during the time we go over the assessment in class.  I want to take the virtual test back from them so that I can reuse the assessment questions and keep the test secure.  Will deleting the test do this for me?  If I delete the test, do I also lose the data from each of the students?

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    Mike Holden

    Click on the assessment and then click the box beside the class to which it was assigned. Now click on the three blue dots on the right. From the drop down menu, choose Update. This allows you to toggle the Show Answers to on so that students can see the correct answer.

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