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Mastering the grading process


It's important to understand each element of the grading process in order to ensure your students' Mastery Reports are accurate—and your digital instruction is on track.  

*Note: You can manually update any student's score at anytime AFTER they submit their assignment. This works before or after the grades are released—and for both grade release options of "On Assignment Submission and "Explicitly by Teacher."

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Here's a quick breakdown of how to grade ANY assignment designated as 'Gradable' in the assign process.

 1. Navigate to Assignments and find your "Grading in Progress" assignment of interest. To make things easier filter the status. 


2. Make sure EVERY student has submitted their assignment before attempting to manually enter or release grades. Next, click "View Responses" to see student performance across the assessment questions. 


3. Click on "View Detailed Responses," or a colored box, to navigate to the student answer you'd like to review or manually grade. In this example, question #6 is Essay Type—meaning it must be manually graded.


*Please note the following color codes:

4. If time permits, double-check the student responses—and scores—for each question. Then update the numerator beside question #6 (Essay Type) based on the quality of the student's written response. Note that you can enter decimals. You can also provide feedback to the student here. 


5. When you're satisfied with the student grades, and your feedback, click "Release Grade".


6. You have the option of downloading the grades to a CSV file.


7. Check My Reports and you'll see that your Mastery Report has new data! 

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