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Mastering the Grading Process


To help you understand the grading process a little better here's a quick checklist of preemptive steps to take BEFORE you release student grades.

*Note: You can manually update any student's score at any time AFTER they submit their assignment. This works before or after the grades are released—and for both grade release options of "On Assignment Submission and "Explicitly by Teacher."  

Releasing grades is a great way to allow students to get instant results and know where they need to improve. However, be aware that you will want to turn this feature off after an appropriate amount of time if you plan on using the same assessment in different semesters (Fall & Spring).

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1. When you assign any assessment make sure to give a reasonable cushion between the access date and the due date. This helps you prepare for any unforeseen issues with the assignment that may require you to adjust the assignment's due date/time (or make edits/changes) before it closes on your students.

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2. In case you need to extend the due date/time of the assignment—make sure you make the proper adjustments well in advance of the due date/time.

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3. If you want to manually change any student's score—it's best to wait until every student has submitted their answers and/or the assignment due date/time has passed. Essentially, you can't change a single question score until the student has submitted the entire assignment. Not to worry, once the assignment closes to students you have unlimited time to check their scores, enter feedback, and release the grades. 

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4. To navigate to a particular question that a student has answered, just click on the appropriate colored square on the outside of their performance card. This means you don't have to always click on "View Detailed Response" and navigate to the question from there. 

5. Make sure you've given all your desired feedback (to every student) and you're completely satisfied with the student scores before releasing the grades. 

6. Be aware that Essay Type is the only question type that's not auto-graded. Thus you must manually enter a grade for this question before you release the grades.

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