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How to manually enter grades


Manually entering grades is an important workflow in the grading process. For example, Essay Type is an Edulastic question type that's not auto-graded—so you ALWAYS have to manually enter a score by modifying the numerator.

*Note: You can manually update any student's score at any time AFTER they have submitted their assignment. This works before or after the grades are released—and for both grade release options of "On Assignment Submission and "Explicitly by Teacher."

Manually entering grades is also important in the following ways:

  • A student made an error while answering a question and needs to get the points they deserve.
  • A student's answer is designated as wrong even though the student answered the question correctly.
  • You want to give a student partial credit for an assessment question.
  • You made an error when creating a question and you'd like to give your students full credit for the question.

Please refer to the video "Grading a Constructed Response" to learn step-by-step how to manually enter grades. This video refers to a manually graded question (essay) but can be used to grade any of the other question types whether already graded or not.

Helpful related article:

You can use the Express Grader to enter grades on a premium account.screenshot__66_.jpg


Or, click into the student's answers and make changes there.




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