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Understanding assignment status


Here's a quick breakdown of the various assignment statuses in Edulastic:

In Progress denotes that students are in the middle of working on an assignment. This status will change if 1. The assignment due date/time passes OR 2. All the students click "Submit" (turning in their assignments).

In Grading is when the assignment's due date/time has passed OR all the students have submitted their work. This is when you need to enter feedback and/or manually make changes to scores. When you're ready, you click "Release Grades" to finalize the assignment (changing its status to "Grade Released").

Done is when you have released the grades (clicking the grade release button in the assignment). *Please note that if you select the grade release option of "On Assignment Submission, the assignments are auto-graded each time a student clicks "Submit".

A quick glance summary of all statuses is provided at the top of the Assignments page.



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