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Understanding the status of an assessment


An Assessment is a collection of questions that you assign to students. When you assign an assessment to students, its progress is tracked as an Assignment. 

Here's a quick breakdown of the overall assessment authoring flow in Edulastic:


You can track the progress of the assignment all the way to completion, using the following status indicators:

Not Open denotes that assignment is not open i.e. not available for students to work on. An assignment is created in Not Open status when you want to plan ahead on an assessment activity. (start date is in the future)

In Progress denotes that the assignment is now open and available for students to work on. The "In-Progress" status changes to "In Grading" when:

  • The assignment due date/time has passed OR you decide to manually close the assignment


  • All the students in the class have submitted their assignment

Please note that an assignment could be in "In Progress" state even after due date has passed when "Redirect" is used. Its possible to ask a student (esp. when student is absent) to redo the work using "Redirect" feature. If Redirect is used, the status can transition to In Progress from In Grading. 

In Grading denotes that assignment is closed and with the teacher for final grading. This is when you need to enter feedback and/or manually make changes to scores. If your assessment has any open response questions (e.g. Essay or Drawing Response), you also need to manually enter the grades. When you're ready, you click "Mark as Done" to finalize the assignment (changing its status to "Done"). If you want students to see their grades, simple switch the control "Release Scores" to "On". 

Are you wondering why your assessments don't appear in the list of reports even though you assigned an assessment to your students and they completed the assignment?

Answer: Your assessment is still In Grading. Blue represents questions that need to be manually graded.



Done is when you have completed the grading and the assignment is flagged as completed (clicking the "Mark as Done" button in the assignment). Its important that you complete the assignment flow to completion. Edulastic reports are automatically generated when assignment is marked as "Done". If all questions are auto-graded i.e. there are no open response questions in the assessment that requires manual grading, students response will be auto graded as soon as they submit. You can also see how many students have been assigned, how many have submitted and how many have been graded. 

A quick glance summary of all statuses is provided at the top of the Assignments page.

In this case, all of the classes have been marked as DONE.



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