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How to navigate student performance and mastery reports


No matter what learning objectives, targets, or standards you’re assessing—it’s not easy to track student performance. You will get more accomplished with real-time analytics on your side.


Your first opportunity to use the real-time analytics begins as soon as the students start your assessment. You can go to the Live Class Board and watch students progress in real time. How do I see the Live Class Board?


Instant Assignment Performance Reports | Assignments / Student Responses

Immediately after students submit their responses you’re greeted with fast data. The moment you click on a student’s card within a given assignment you’ll see their detailed responses on each assessment question—and have the opportunity to give them both high-level and narrative feedback. *You can also click on the individual questions to see each student's response and make grading, along with feedback, faster.

Real-Time Standards Mastery Reporting | My Reports

Having access to instant (automatically generated) reports—showing real-time progress of core standards that students are mastering—opens a digital window into seeing how your students are progressing over time.

1. Check for standards mastered vs. standards assessed. And modify your view by choosing between Mastery, Score, and Percent. 

2. Utilize the Grade + Subject drop-downs to quickly and easily switch reports. 

3. Click the "+" button to expand the view—seeing mastery of each standard that's associated to a Domain or Cluster. 

My Reports | Detailed Mastery Report

Click on any individual student to drill-down and see their Proficiency Report

Drill Down Even Further

By clicking on either Mastery, Score, or Precent you can see which questions your students missed for a given standards like 7.G.A.3

By accessing this report you can do two key things:

  1. Use both short- and long-term reports to identify tiered interventions.
  2. Easily interpret assessment results to keep your digital instruction on track. This helps you focus on teaching and assessing standards, objectives, or learning targets.

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