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How do I release grades for students?


You can manually update any student's score at anytime AFTER they submit their assignment. To learn more about the purpose of grading please read the following helpful articles: 

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Grades will automatically be released to students when grading policy is set to be "On Assignment Submission". Students can view their scores and answers immediately after completing the assignment. 

If the assignment grading policy is set to be "Explicitly by Teacher", Edulastic will withhold the results until the teacher releases the grades under Assignments. You must manually release the grades by clicking on "Release Grades" button on the assignment. 


The "Release Grades" button will become active only when:

ALL students have turned in their work.


Due Date for the assignment has passed.

If the button is inactive it could mean that students are still working through the assignment. You can do one of the two things:

  1. Check if all students in your class have not turned in their work. Please scroll through the responses and see if anyone has not submitted the work. Please ask them to click on "submit" if they have not turned in their work. 
  2. If one or more students in the class are absent, you can change the due date of the assignment. This will automatically auto-submit everyones work.

Once all students have turned in their work, the "Release Grades" button will become active for the assignment. 


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