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Our school district uses Clever. Can we sync our student roster using Clever?


Edulastic integrates with Clever to securely import your class rosters from the district SIS.

Clever can be used to synchronize data from most common SIS such as PowerSchool, Infinite Campus, Skyward, etc.with Edulastic in a secure and FERPA compliant mode. 

The Edulastic-Clever integration ensures that:

  1. Teachers and students do not need to sign-up. The user, grade and class information will come from SIS via Clever. Class-sections, Teacher and student accounts will be automatically provisioned when the sync occurs.
  2. If class structure changes (e.g. students leave the class or join a new class or leave a school), the information will be synced in Edulastic e.g. the students will be moved around or removed.
  3. Clever instant login - Instant Login allows users to log into all their applications with clever credentials. Clever also allows badges to be created for younger students. 


Clever Sync Process: 

Use the following link to initiate Clever sync with Edulastic. If you do not have a district admin account with Clever, you maybe required to sign up first as a district administrator.

 More details about Clever sync is available in the following slides:

 Using Edulastic with Clever

Clever sync typically 1-2 business days to complete. However depending upon the time of the year, number of records, existing account merge needs, the actual sync time may take 3-5 business days. 


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