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How can I save an assessment I created as a PDF?


PDF files are incredibly convenient to view assessments on any device. Assessments in Edulastic can be saved as a PDF using the "Print" feature that is offered in Chrome or Safari browsers. 

  1. Navigate to the Assessments tab on the left, select My Assessments, find the assessment of interest, and click the three dots. The three dots will become Actions.


From the Actions menu, select Print.


2. Clicking print brings up a printer-friendly version of the assignment directly in your browser. 

3. Next you just need to save the web page as PDF. Here are the steps to follow for each browser:


Now press Ctrl+P (on Windows and Linux) orCmd+P (on Mac) to bring Chrome print window. Alternatively you can go to Chrome settings from top-right corner and click Print as below:


Now in the print view window, click on Change under Destination from left-hand side. In destination selection window, choose Save as PDF.

After you have changed your destination as PDF, click on Save from top-left corner.



Clicking on Save button should ask you where to save your PDF document. Click Save in Save as window. Or Chrome will automatically save it to default download folder depending on setting.


Simply go to File menu from the top-right corner and click on "Export as PDF". 


Next you will be asked the folder location for PDF. Click on Save and your PDF will automatically be saved. 


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