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How does Edulastic work with Google Classroom?



Edulastic offers a one-button sync to import all your classes in Google classroom into Edulastic. This now includes syncing your co-teachers as well as the students. The co-teacher feature will allow all of the teachers to manage rosters, assign, and see all data associated with the class. This does not give access to each others private library of assessments.

Please note:  If your district uses Clever to sync rosters, it is not recommended to use Google Classroom for rosters also.  You can, however, still send assignments from Edulastic to your students' Google Classroom dashboard.

(1) Select the account in Google Classroom and sign into it:

(2) Select the classes to sync. For each class enter the following:

Class Name - the class name in Edulastic will default to the one from your Google Classroom. We recommend you do not change it.

  1. Grade - Select the grade(s), for the class. Remember Edulastic now allows you to create a class for multiple grade levels.
  2. Subject - The subject area
  3. Standards - The standard alignment
  4. Course - If you are following a specific curriculum of study, you can select it from here. If not selected, a default value will be chosen for you automatically.


(3) Click on the “Import” button to sync


(4) Depending upon the number of classes and students, the sync may take a few minutes to complete. Please do not click any buttons while the sync is in progress.

(5) Once the sync is complete, you will be notified of its' completion. You can click on “Show Details” to see if all of the students from your Google classroom have been imported into Edulastic.

(6) Once you refresh the screen, the “Manage Class” page in Edulastic shows all the classes that have been successfully synced including student counts in each class.


I have added new students in my class. How do I resync?


Simply click on the “Sync with Google Classroom” button in the manage class page. This will add or remove students from all your classes in Edulastic that are synced with Google classroom.


What if I want to sync only one class?


Simply navigate to that specific class and click on the Google Classroom icon.






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  • Avatar
    Chris Moore

    I am trying to do this - sync an Edulastic class with my Google Classroom but the process is not working.  I am getting a pop up that says unknown error and the sync pop up window just spins.  


    Is something currently amiss with the sharing from Edulastic to GC?

  • Avatar
    Sylvia Carr (mrs. Carr)

    I do not see the sinc with Google Classroom when I added a class.

  • Avatar
    Carla Hunter

    I synced my classes again to add the new students in my class but they did not add to the class. Help!!!

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