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How to Share an Assessment in Edulastic


When you create an assessment in Edulastic, either by using one found in the Assessment Library or creating it from scratch through our array of questions types, you have multiple options to share it with others.

(1) When you are ready to publish or assign a newly created assessment, you'll be prompted to set the sharing level via one of four radio buttons.



Add to Private Library: This assessment is not shared with anyone. 

Add to School Library: Any teacher at your school can find and use this assessment.

Add to District Library: Any teacher within your district can find and use this assessment.

Add to Public Library: The assessment is accessible to ANYONE using Edulastic. They will be able to find your assessment by filtering in the Assessment Library.

As you can see, the sharing level ranges from most strict (Private Library) to least strict (Public Library)


You can also change the sharing level of any assessment that you have already published but not yet assigned.

(1) Click into any of your published assessments in the My Assessments Tab


(2) Click on Change Sharing Level as indicated below




(3) You'll then be able to select one of the Sharing Levels as previously described

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