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How do I add Math expressions in the questions that I am authoring?


The Math Editor is available in the Text Editor of ANY question type. Watch this short video covering Edulastic's Features.

To enter Math expression in the text for *ANY* question, click on the “√x” button in the editor toolbox as shown below:


The editor box allows very simple to very complex Math expressions to be entered. The tabs in the editor can be used to edit specific type of Math expressions.

The various tabs can be used to enter almost any math expression:

  1. General tab - Fractions including mixed fractions, roots, changing fonts, color and size
  2. Symbols - Including pi (π), angles (∠), Right angle (∟), degree, triangle, etc.
  3. Arrows - Vectors, line segments, rays, etc.
  4. Greek symbols - Theta, gamma, beta, etc.
  5. Matrices: Vectors, two-dimensional matrices including long division, 3-rows stack, etc.
  6. Subscript and superscripts: Exponents
  7. Decorations: Parentheses, curly brackets, sets, absolute values
  8. Big operators: Sigma, etc.
  9. Calculus and Trig: Limits, integrals, etc.

For additional help on the Math editor, please visit Wiris user manual or navigate using the URL below:

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